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6 Current Obsessions: Inspirational Black Artists and Designers

I want to highlight and showcase black artists, designers and creatives that have inspired me. Along with listening, educating yourself and petitioning, I encourage you to support and follow these uber talented artists and business owners.

  1. Delia Kenza Interiors is a Brooklyn based interior designer. Her work speaks to my heart with the use of a neutral palette sprinkled with color and touches of the past. I love a designer that makes high-end look inviting and comfortable.

2. I honestly think I have a fabric problem because I tend to hoard fabric samples with

prints and textures that I love. Bole Road Textiles is a recent company I came across on

Instagram. I was quickly drawn to the Kombolcha print. The rich color and Wollo gabi

pattern, an Ethiopian textile, is beautiful! This company sells everything home decor

from fabrics to pillows to linens.

3. My grandfather was an artist and college professor and growing up he would take me on

tours through his house and explain to me all different forms of art. I remember him

showing me beautifully inspired Picasso paintings and being in awe. So, when I came

across Lah Face's account this week, I immediately fell in love with her

Picassoesque originals. They brought me back to a place of love and tranquility.

4. Mikel Welch is a designer that needs no introduction. His work has been in nearly every

magazine, including Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and Elle Decor. When I was

doing research on black designers, I had no idea that he and I had a similar fascination

with design from a young age. He grew up designing homes and furniture out of Legos

and I did the same with Barbie. I hope to one day walk the same accomplished road he

has in the design world. Such an inspiration!

5. Joe Turner is local to my city, Birmingham! This self-taught artist designs abstract art that

made me stop in my tracks. His art creates an impact and would be the perfect focal piece to any home! If you live in the area, I highly suggest you visit Design Supply to

see his work in person!

6. Floral arrangements can elevate the look of any room! Bia Blooms is a floral arrangement

company that started off as a passion and has turned into a business. The creations by

owner Tabia Yapp put an instant smile on my face. Stunning!

This week has felt heavy on my heart. I will never know the pain and/or feel the inequality so many have had to deal with on a daily basis. My white privilege has shielded me from this inhumanity, but I vow to no longer be silent about this injustice. I will continue to speak up when I see or hear something I know is wrong, I will listen and educate myself and I will fight for equality and justice. I'm 7 months pregnant and have not been able to protest as I wish I could, however, I have been actively signing petitions. Want to know ways you can help? Here is an informative link to where you can sign petitions and donate:


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