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6 Current Obsessions: Summer is Here!

Summer is officially here! I usually love summer for it's outdoor gatherings, pool time and it has an overall more relaxed feeling. This summer is going to be a bit different with social distancing, however, when life hands you lemons... I'm going to enjoy this summer and use it as an opportunity to spend more quality time with my hubby, create new recipes and appreciate the silence. With all of that being said, here are 6 things that I'm currently obsessed with this week!

  1. Since I will not be going on a summer vacation this year, I am going to be living vicariously through homes that are designed to give a vacation vibe. Who doesn't want their home to feel like a personal oasis? Want to see more vacay mode homes? Check out this week's Friday inspiration post here.

Designer// Cortney Bishop

2. Summer time equals cocktail time or mocktail time. I made a batch of non-alcoholic raspberry

mojitos and they were so refreshing! Get the recipe here.

3. My summer reading list has changed drastically. Going from chick-lit to baby books. For all

the mamas-to-be I am finding the 'Moms On Call 0-6 months' book to be my absolute favorite.

It's helping me plan out a typical daily schedule, sleep and feeding schedule and what to

have on-hand for baby's first aid. The planner in me is so happy to have all of this information.

I can't recommend this book enough! Let me know of any other mama books you guys like!

4. I love a summertime gathering mainly so I can decorate the table. Imagine your table as a

blank canvas with endless design possibilities. Begin by choosing a theme, style or color

palette. Then, play with the contrast of colors and materials. For example, combining glam

with rustic will create balance and add depth. Include natural organic layers, like fruit, flowers

or greenery, to the table.

Designer// JMC Studio for Vestavia Hills Magazine

5. Elan Byrd creates one-of-a-kind mixed media art that screams SUMMER! Her Adobe original

art collections are inspired by ancient dwellings. I'm obsessed with the texture and use of

raffia. She has a new collection that will be available this Thursday at 7pm EST. You better

believe I will be trying to get my hands on one of these!

6. Pools. Enough said..!

Architect// Pfeffer Torode

" This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you"-- unknown

Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone!

Xx- Jessica

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