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Beach Beauty Home Tour

As August begins, that means Fall is just around the corner! At least that's what I keep telling myself. Since going to the beach is not in the cards for a while, I'm getting my fix by touring beautiful beach homes.

On a side note... Does anyone else love to drive around beach towns and look at the architecture and homes? It's one of my favorite activities to do! It's where I find myself getting the best inspiration.

This week I will be taking you on a tour of a beauty of a beach home designed by the wildly talented Jenny Keenan Designs. Throughout the home you will see black painted doors, lighting fixtures and accents to balance out the bright white rooms and create interest. In the kitchen, light wood ceilings, simple cabinetry and smartly placed shelves for display and storage make a aesthetic and functional space. A mix of modern and casual furnishings paired with natural elements gives a sense of ease. Each room is designed to flow effortlessly into the next making you feel right at home! Entering the backyard feels so luxe with lush landscaping, relaxing pool and comfortable lounge seating. I can imagine myself with a cocktail in hand soaking up the sun as we speak!

Looking for a manicured beach vibe for your home? Get the look below!

Xx- Jessica

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