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Contrasting Trim: Just a Trend?

Contrasting trim has been on my radar for a few years now, but is it just a trend? Like many "trends" in the design world, styles come and go, but painting your trim a different color isn't one I'd be concerned will be quick to go. It's classic and can make a subtle statement without being overpowering.

Since we began our downstairs renovations, I've been contemplating whether or not to paint our trim a contrasting color. Here are a few rooms that have given me great inspiration:

Designer// Unknown

Designer// I Spy DIY

Image Via// Fantastic Frank

Designer// Ham Interiors

A question I often get asked is about the paint finish. I always do a flat/matte finish for my walls and ceilings. This finish can easily hide any textural imperfections on the wall. For trim I use a Pearl finish, it's less shiny than a semigloss and still allows you to easily wipe down the surface.

Are you looking to try out contrasting trim in your home? Here are a few suggestions on beautiful paint colors to look at.

Happy painting!

Xx- Jessica

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