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Cravings 8.11.18

I turned 32 this week and couldn't be more excited for what's to come this year! It's going to be my best year yet... Growing my design and styling firm, being more confident and taking more risks are just a few goals I have for myself. This week's cravings are all about #thirtiesandthriving

1. Self care. Before, I turned 30 I was petrified of being "old". I began really taking great care of myself. Working out 3-4x a week, weekly facials, bubble baths, reading good books, drinking lots of water... I'm happy I began a routine of taking care of myself. When I first started, it was out of fear and now I'm finding that I love this "me" time! It's what makes me get through the days!

2. Eat cake. Or donuts. Or Nachos. Whatever floats your boat! With age comes more diets fads, but truly you should enjoy good food in your life. Obviously, it's not healthy to binge eat an entire gallon of ice cream or bag of Doritos. But don't be so harsh on yourself when you do indulge. Here is a scrumptious white cake recipe from Goodie Godmother!

3. Inspiration boards to stay organized. It is so important to create an inspiration board when you are designing a room. Save and collect rooms you like, colors and patterns you're attracted to, items that you are drawn to. This will help to see a pattern in what styles of design you like, what colors are your favorite and what makes you happy. Looking for any inspiration? Check out my Pinterest

4. Blazers! These are my go to fall clothing item. Pair a tailored striped or classic black blazer with statement earrings and jumpsuit for a work-place-chic look. For a more casual approach wear one with with jeans and booties.

5. Enjoy the pretty moments in life. I love the simplicity, layers and mix of materials in my Altadena Lake project. The custom bright green finish on the inside of the light fixture adds a fun pop of color in an unexpected way!

Have a fabulous weekend! Much love!



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