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How to Create a Modern Traditional Living Room

Everyone loves a beautiful traditional living room. But can it become boring and sterile? Why not add a modern twist to create interest, while still keeping the design timeless. Don't let the idea scare you! The look can easily be achieved.

The key to creating a successful traditional, yet modern living room, is balance. The "bones" of the room, i.e. the sofa, chairs and coffee table, should all be more traditional in style. The sofa and chairs should all be in the same fabric, preferably a natural linen. This will keep the base of the room cohesive and classic. You can add a modern accent chair, off to the side, to give visual interest.

Next, select a few staple antique pieces, like a pair of side tables, bookcase, mirror, antique prints or chandelier. This will add an element of sophistication while also incorporating texture and depth. Tara Shaw Designs is a master of placing beautiful antiquities into her designs.

Image and Design via: Tara Shaw

Now you can mix in a few subtle modern pieces, like a stream-lined floor lamp and abstract art. You can also add a punch of color and pattern with your throw pillows. Zak + Fox is perfection at creating patterns that are both current and feel old world traditional.

Here are a few of my favorite designers and living rooms that break the traditional mold:

Image and Design via: Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Image and Design via: Victoria Hagan

Image and Design via: Alexander Design

Image via: Vogue Australia, Design via: Axel Vervoordt

Image and Design via: Daniel C. Cuevas

Ready to take on this style in your own home? Get the look here:



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