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Shelf Accessory Round Up- Shelfies

I love a good shelfie! Styling has to be one of the most fun aspects of design.

When it comes to styling shelves it's all about balance, editing and layering. I always start off by stacking and placing the coffee table books. A little tip- try and keep the book binding colors down to 3 or 4 (gray, white, black and your accent color). If you have a large library of books, color coordinate them or strategically place the colors throughout the shelves. Once you've finished with the books, then begin placing the accessories. Shelves are a great place to showcase your art, collections and greenery. One of the biggest no-nos is packing the shelves so full that they look unorganized and messy. You want to be able to see what you have on display.

Play around and have fun with it! Scroll down to see a few of my favorite shelving accessories.



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