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Timeless Rosemary Beach House Tour

Welcome to one of my favorite beaches, Rosemary Beach, FL! I'm really having a beach moment, probably because it's the first week of summer and I'm craving to feel sand under my feet. This week's timeless home, designed by Melanie Turner Interiors, showcases how a beach home can be sophisticated and elegant while still giving a relaxed feel. The neutral linen furnishings, serene blue accents and use of antiques creates a refined atmosphere. Beautiful light wood coffered ceiling in the living room, herringbone patterned ceiling in one of the bedrooms, and custom dark wood cabinetry in the kitchen are just a few architectural details that elevates the natural beauty of the home. Can you see yourself curling up after a long day out at shore in this beauty? I can!

Looking for a refined beach look in your home? Get a similar style below!

Xx- Jessica

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