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6 Current Obsessions: Spread Love

Let's all continue to spread love and speak up for what is right and just. As said by Martin Luther King, Jr., "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bare".

  1. This week I shared one of my new favorite designers, Sherrel Neal of Sherrell Design Studio. Her sophisticated style and keen eye for detail and mixing patterns creates a comfortable, well-designed home. Check out more of her incredible designs and get a similar look in my post here.

2. I made the most DELICIOUS coffee cake banana bread muffins this week. I had super

ripe bananas that I needed to get rid of and luckily I found this recipe from Beat Bake Eat.

Not only were they scrumptious, and exactly what this growing bump was craving, but

extremely easy and quick to make. Score!

3. I'm getting ready for my little bundle of joy, less than 3 months to go! I have his entire

nursery designed and organized on paper. Now I'm waiting on our downstairs renovations to be completed so that his room is no longer storage! Here is a little snippet of the organization I've planned and will share more of my design process this upcoming week!

4. To see people coming together for the injustices that black Americans have had to endure

makes me feel hopeful. Peaceful protesting has been seen in all 50 states and world

wide! To see the difference that they are making already is a step in the right direction. I

hope to continue to see progress, for this is not a "trend". Please continue to sign petitions,

donate (if you can), protest (if you feel comfortable with COVID) and always continue to

educate yourself. Here is a beautiful mural in downtown Birmingham by The Modern

5. Artist Jordan Nicole of High Desert Studio creates tranquil pieces of art that speak to me.

The neutral and earth toned palette brings a sense of serenity while still being playful.

6. I received a virtual hug this week via Instagram. It was such a sweet gesture at a moment

that I really needed to feel a little extra love. Eureka, of my.cozy_corner, took the time

out of her day to to send a message that truly meant to so much. That feeling is

something I will never forget and it made me realize that I need to do this more often myself. Thanks to her I plan on passing it forward and spreading the love. If you don't

already follow her, I highly suggest it! She is wildly talented!

Hope you have a Sunday full of love!

Xx- Jessica

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